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Meet the New Google+: A Stylish and Smart Stream that Emphasizes Photos

To spark off the Google I/O festivities, Google+ has just unveiled a newly designed Pinterest-like stream in hopes to dramatically improve exploring new content and the display of photos. Google also updated G+ Hangouts-its popular group video chat-to work across any device or platform, with groups of up to 10 friends. Google+ now has 190 million active users on site and 390 million actively sharing content from Google Play (apps), Gmail and sharing videos from YouTube. Google+ is a bustling community for artists, photographers, scientists, marketers and more. And today it’s taking another major step towards enhancing how we share.

Google+ Stream: refurbished design, multiple devices, more to explore

Google understands that people like to move between multiple devices, so its looking to streamline the experience across mobile and desktop. Now the phone and tablet apps have been adapted for the web, including:

Furthermore, Google has added related hashtags to the stream, giving you more ways to explore and “go deeper” into topics. Google will automatically determine what a post is about and tag it for you accordingly. When you click on a related hashtag, it will “flip the card” and let you browse related content inline.


Google+ Hangouts: Richer Conversations

Google is also launching a free stand-alone service that combines text, photos and live video across the Android, iOS and your own computer, with features that include:


Photos: your darkroom is now a Google data center

Google believes everyone should be able to create and share beautiful photos, and is looking to enhance your camera with the Google cloud.

Today is the first day of the Google I/O Conference, so there will surely be more ground breaking features to come . But what do you think about the latest updates to G+ so far?