Watch These Adorable Meerkats Get Courageous Around This Photographer [VIDEO]

Who knew that wild meerkats may actually be as brave as Timon from The Lion King? Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas gets up close and personal with a group of meerkats from Botswana as they climb all over him. Meerkats have not only learned that our species doesn’t pose a threat, they’ve realized that humans make for great perches to see what’s going on and look out for predators. Burrard-Lucas was even lucky enough to be present when a group of Meerkat pups emerged from their burrow, putting them immediately as ease around him.

Watch as these cute and curious creatures adventure all over Burrard-Lucas and his photography equipment.

Will Burrard-Lucas Meerkats 1

Will Burrard-Lucas Meerkats 2

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