The New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Puts the Super Back in Man [VIDEO]

Truthfully, I’ve never been a huge fan of the recent Superman movies. I’m not sure if it’s Superman’s ridiculous red cape or the lack of a compelling story-line in Superman movies compared to other DC Comics films like Batman, but Superman’s never been my thing. So let’s just say that when I heard about another Superman remake I was less than excited.

But at some point in every person’s life comes a day the need to fess up to their mistakes, and today appears to be my day, folks. The new Superman movie looks sick, in a good non-feverish type of way. Watching this trailer is like being slapped in the face by a 300-pound bouncer and apologizing for your face being in the way. It’s that good.

The Fate of the Planet trailer is narrated by General Zod, a supervillain played by Michael Shannon and otherwise known as the creepy dude from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. That to me is perfect casting as he immediately sends chills through my spine, and Superman’s too, with one simple message: “Surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences.” Fortunately for us we have until June 14th to comply!

Man of Steel

If you think this new trailer looks awesome, apparently “you are not alone.” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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