Watch This Major Lazer Video Starring Terry Crews and You’ll Never Need to See Another Hollywood Action Film

In their latest video for Free the Universe‘s “Scare Me,” Major Lazer awakens Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris, White Chicks, The Expendables, Bridesmaids, Old Spice ads, Are We There Yet?) to save the world. Crews and sexy samurai Lauren London (ATL, 90210, Entourage) are commissioned by Comedy Central comedian Nick Kroll to search the city for rotten warlord, General Rubbish (Gem Jean Marc Danois), who has gained dangerous possession of a terror laser. On his search for the warlord, Crews encounters quite a few Hollywood faces, most notably Blake Anderson’s (Workaholics).

Besides being a perfect caricature of every Hollywood action film ever created, “Scare Me” is also subtly hilarious. This was more than expected given the video’s cast of comedians. My favorite touch is the CEO’s box of “Blu” e-cigarettes (what’s more futuristic than an e-cigarette smoked like it’s a symbol for bad news?), but Crews’ Rastafarian hat coupled with his plastic Ray-Bans are a close runner-up.

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