This Loyal Dog Waited Outside Hospital for Days to Reunite With His Sick Owner

When Lauri Costa was struck in the face with a rock during a random assault on the streets of Passo Fundo, Brazil, he sought treatment at the local hospital, his four-year-old dog Seco in tow. While doctors treated Costa, his loyal mutt waited outside, even when Costa unexpectedly didn’t return for days.

Doctors discovered that Costa had melanoma of the face and required him to remain hospitalized until they could operate, turning what was supposed to be a brief separation between man and his best friend into a very long one.

Hospital staff took notice of the dog and fed him food and water while he kept vigil. Finally, after eight days, doctors allowed the recovering Costa to reunite with his companion.

dog reunites with his owner outside of the hospital

Video by Com Pata
via Elite Daily

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