Artist Animates a Louis CK Skit and, (Surprise) Redditors Don’t Really Like It

It’s been months since Louis C.K. graced us with new, hilarious content, and he has no upcoming tour dates we can look forward to. For these reasons, this summer has brought on a bad case of withdrawal for some of C.K.’s loyal fans. So when animated video artist John Roney posted a tribute to our favorite stand-up comedian to YouTube, I would have thought the internet would welcome the new Louis C.K. content with open arms. But while YouTube users seem to like Roney’s animated version of C.K.’s “If God Came Back” skit, most Redditors seem to want none of it.

“Doesn’t really add any comedic effect to animate it like that,” ablarry91 posted.

“yeah it just supplants the imagery you form in your head naturally when listening to a good storyteller (like Louis) and replaces it with shitty flash stuff,” Godtiermasturbator responded.

“Yeah, it doesn’t have any bacon on it,” nilspils added.

Comments in Louis CK thread on Reddit

Even Redditors who thought the animation was “alright” were shot down.

“I thought it was alright,” TAC0J0E posted.

“I think people consider Louis C.K. to be one of the greats and there really is no need to animate it because it actually takes away from the material,” stewmeat responded.

“Louis CK’s body language and facial expressions are hilarious and a pretty important part of his routine. Replacing it with shitty Flash animation from the early 2000s does take away from it,” Asystole wrote.

Comments in Louis CK thread on Reddit

Redditors are known for their brutal honesty, so their less-than-enthused response isn’t much of a shocker. Still, the animation posted to YouTube is accompanied by the message, “Please support Louis and go buy ‘Live at the Beacon Theater’ for only $5 at his website here” followed by a link to C.K.’s site. It’s obvious the artist made the video in an effort to complement and support C.K.’s work, not to replace it.

What do you think? Check out Louis C.K.’s original “If God Came Back” skit here, and comment to let us know how you weigh the differences.

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