Los Angeles Timelapse Inspired by the 1995 Crime Thriller Movie ‘Heat’ [VIDEO]

Independent filmmaker Gavin Hefferman wanted to pay tribute to one of his favorite movies, 1995 crime thriller Heat which starred both Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. To do so, Hefferman spent the week of September 4th photographing Los Angeles from various vantage points. He then used the photos to create “Angel City,” a timelapse of Los Angeles at night. Luckily for the filmmaker, a supermoon occurred that week in September and its light provided extra definition. The film includes shots of both panoramas and skyscrapers.

On the timelapse video’s Vimeo page, Hefferman explains his inspiration:

Since we’re only 452 days away from the 20th anniversary of one my favorite movies HEAT, I set it to one of the soundtrack songs, an incredible piece of music by Elliot Goldenthal. The cityscapes of HEAT inspired me to make movies long ago, so it was a special treat looking down on LA from some similar angles to the classic Michael Mann film. I finished the edit with a few city captures from previous shoots and here’s the result!

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