Listen to Vic Mensa’s New Album INNANETAPE and Have a ‘Lovely Day’ [Download]


If you can imagine, last May Vic Mensa’s band Kids These Days broke up just months after releasing their debut LP, Traphouse Rock. With a sigh of relief, Mensa told Rolling Stone, “It’s hard to live up to your potential when you all have different ideas of what that is. I wasn’t mad at it, though. When that happened, the decision that I made was to just go hard as fuck on my own shit.”

So the Chicago MC started writing lyrics for his own debut mixtape, INNANETAPE, even while still part of Kids These Days. Once he was finally freed of his commitment to the band, Mensa was able to double down on his solo career. He’s off to a fast start with this fresh new single and guest features from Chance, Ab-Soul and Rockie Fresh. The LP showcases a little bit of everything from tight flows to melodies rooted in jazz, soul and dance music.

Mensa doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon: currently he’s on tour with J. Cole from Roc Nation.

Check out this entertaining video Mensa released. It’s filmed in hyper-speed with, I guess, a little driving in slow motion too!

You can listen to the entire 14-track project here, available to download for free:

lovely day
Have a lovely day!

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