Musical Burst: Lily Allen’s ‘URL Badman’ Video Slams Bloggers who Gossip and Troll

Here’s one way to fight back against trolling and gossip: English recording artist and actress Lily Allen’s recently released “URL Badman” single and video takes a stab at bloggers who sit at home all day criticizing and slandering other people.

The song is the singer’s way of fighting back after critics labeled as discriminatory her “Hard Out Here” video and accused Lily Allen herself of racism. She told Rolling Stone about the inspiration behind the new song:

I wrote that after I put out the video for ‘Hard Out Here’ and everyone said I was racist…I was really alarmed by that reaction. I stand by that video, and I know what my intention was, and I’m sorry that people interpreted it in a different way. A lot of that negative stuff came from females and the feminist blogger scene. What really pissed me off was the misogynistic, hipster, male bloggers that went after me in a completely different way. And I just thought, ‘Fuck you, I’m going to write a song about you.’

“URL Badman” mocks bloggers by putting words in their mouths like “I work at home in my parents’ basement” and “When I’m a big boy I’m gonna write for Vice.” The song continues, “I don’t like you, I think you’re worthless / I wrote a long piece about it up on my WordPress.”

But the song does not just insult the world’s bloggers. Allen tries to dive deeper into the bigger issue at hand, that of the modern gossip culture. She denounces today’s trolls, muckrakers, and gossipmongers that feed upon both real and false rumors and scandals. As she sings in the chorus of her song, those people are “bad” and “lack empathy.”

Allen also talked about this issue with Rolling Stone, stating that

People are so judgmental and convinced they know exactly who I am…They come to their own conclusions and their mind won’t be changed…That’s the world we live in. I always try to look at people and see the best in them and give them a chance. . . But people that are probably less fortunate look at me and think, ‘Well, she’s got everything. She’s had everything. It’s been handed to her on a silver plate.’ It’s just not true. I’ve been through some really, really awful things that other people haven’t been through. We’re all human beings and life is not fucking fair.

True, Lily Allen likes her swear words, but she also makes a valid point about the toxicity of the growing gossip culture.

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