LeBron James Slams Samsung in Tweet About Phone Failure

LeBron James can do no wrong, or so everyone (outside of Cleveland) thought. But when his phone malfunctioned, erasing all his data and restarting, the frustrated King James naturally sent out a tweet expressing his upset to his 12 million followers.

Not a problem right? Well, actually, the issue is that James is a spokesperson for Samsung, so tweeting about his malfunctioning phone and the frustration it caused him isn’t exactly the best PR for the company. James made it clear to the public exactly how he felt about the phone’s crash giving him the “sickest feelings” he’s ever felt. Unfortunately, it appears James left his explosive speed on the court and wasn’t fast enough to delete the tweet: Twitter user @JenSized was able to snag a screenshot before it was gone.

Perhaps trying to remedy the situation, James later tweeted about fixing his phone and recovering all of his information. A source says that luckily, James had backed up all his data and Samsung was able to work with the big star to restore his device. Whether his phone actually miraculously fixed itself or Samsung jumped on the bad PR is not known.

To make sure you don’t lose your own phone’s data, there are several apps for backing up your phone to the cloud including DropBox and Google Drive.

Samsung has endorsed James since November 2012, paying him to represent the company in numerous commercials and advocate many of the company’s products. So it’s no wonder the highly paid star’s Twitter mishap was an unfortunate event for the big phone company. No slam dunks here for James – just a slam on Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LeBron James

Via Mashable

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