Kutiman is Back With New Song Created From Unrelated YouTube Videos, ‘No One in This World’ [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, Kutiman released his first mashup song “Give It Up” and now he’s released another one, and it’s just as incredible Created by combining performances of amateur musicians from YouTube videos, “No One in This World” is Kutiman’s second song off his upcoming album Thru You Too. Although the videos are unrelated, Kutiman is able to slice and dice them together in a way that makes them play seamlessly and beautifully.

“No One in This World”, which features an amazing British vocalist and heartwarming lyrics, showcases Kutiman’s creative abilities, composing talents and musical genius. The song follows the success of “Give It Up,” which hit more 1.4 million YouTube views since its premiere. Like these two, the other mashup songs on Thru You Too combine R&B, soul, gospel and groove, using several instrumental performances combined with a female vocalist.

Kutiman has been making his YouTube video mashup music since 2009, when he fell in love with a drum performance he came across. After that, he began combining clips and creating brilliant and captivating songs. Thru You Too is Kutiman’s third album, whose sound relates back to his debut album of mashed-up video clips from 2009, Thru You.

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