Kickstarter Loves Games With Over $100 Million Pledged [VIDEO]

There’s a growing movement of game developers that love to make awesome games but feel the crop of mainstream gaming has been polluted by big money, catering to the lowest common denominator, and well they want to do something different. And they want to do it without any pesky publishers leaning on them to dumb down their game ideas to fit more comfortably on the shelves of Walmart.

So enter Kickstarter to the rescue. Kickstarter has helped fund over 37,000 projects with over $500 million pledged!

And more than $100 million of those dollars have been pledged to Game projects on Kickstarter, giving 1,476 new games the green light so far!

Games Category Stats

  • Total Dollars: $107.6 Million
  • Successful projects: 1,476
  • Total Backers: 633,242
    Within 4 years, more than 633,000 backers have pledged to more than 4,500 Game projects, and almost 1000 of them occurred this year alone. After the launch of Double Fine Adventure in 2012, the market for games has really exploded:

    Dollars Pledged to Games

    2009: $60,601
    2010: $546,362
    2011: $3,855,692
    2012: $83,144,565
    2013: $22,423,264 (to date)
    So to celebrate the awesome games being produced, Kickstarter rounded up twenty of their favorite Kickstarter-funded games that you can play or buy right now!

    10 Kickstarter-funded Video Games you can play right now

    • FTL (Faster than Light) (2013 IGF Finalist), space simulator aimed at recreating the feeling of cruising through the galaxy via a spaceship.
    • Kentucky Route Zero (2013 IGF Finalist), magical realist adventure game set on a secret Kentucky highway.
    • Organ Trail (at PAX in the Indie Megabooth), zombie apocalypse parody of the classic Oregon Trail.
    • Blindside (2012 IndieCade Finalist), survival/horror adventure game with no graphics at all.
    • Guns of Icarus (at PAX in the Indie Megabooth). Be the captain of a steampunk airship in this post-apocalyptic MMO.
    • God of Blades (at Kickstarter Arcade), sword-and-sorcery saga RPG for iOS.
    • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, the 25th anniversary edition of the classic where you jump, dash and twist through a warped dimension.
    • Strike Suit Zero (at Kickstarter Arcade), fast and frantic space combat game for PC.
    • Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, supernatural adventure game where you play an FBI agent hunting down a serial killer.
    • Zombies Run, immersive mobile game where you help rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse.
    • Sidius Nova, a combination of turn-based and real-time space strategy.

    10 Kickstarter-funded Tabletop Games you can play right now

    Enjoy the games and feel free to recommend any other fun ones you like!

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