Kevin Durant Gets Emotional in His MVP Speech and You’ll Love Him Even More For It [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant won the NBA MVP award for 2014. He could have celebrated this great accomplishment with a show of self-importance and vain laughter. But Durant did quite the opposite: he accepted the award with humility and respect. He was appreciative, not pompous; instead of laughter there were tears. He talked of his background and past and did not forget to thank the many people who helped him reach this point. He expressed gratitude even to the youngest members of his team, saying that he was honored to serve as a leader and a role model.

Durant is known as a modest, spotlight-avoiding basketball star, one who prefers hanging back and volunteering rather than soaking up the fame. He is one of the most likable players in the NBA and his emotional speech will make you even more fond of him.

via Mashable

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