Katy Perry Crashes Real Birthday Parties In Her New ‘Birthday’ Music Video

Who knew Katy Perry was a prankster, and such a good one at that? She surprised five unsuspecting boys and girls on their birthdays by dressing up as miscellaneous characters and crashing their parties. Perry pulled these pranks while making the official music video for her song “Birthday,” which she released Thursday, April 24. She dressed up as five different characters for the five parties: Goldie the elderly entertainment dancer, Yosef Shulem the overenthusiastic MC, Kriss the creepy clown, Ace the incompetent animal trainer and the scatterbrained Princess Mandee—taken together, the “world’s worst party entertainers.”

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Perry said that she wanted to avoid making another feminine and sultry video like “Roar” or “Dark Horse” and instead show off her goofy and mischievous side. So the next time you go to a party, watch out for that creepy clown or obnoxious MC because it may just be a celebrity trying to fool you.

katy perry goldie the dancer birthday music video

katy perry kriss the clown birthday music video

katy perry princess mandee birthday music video

Which Katy Perry character would you want at your birthday?

via Mashable

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