Animation Music Video for ‘Katachi’ Made From Thousands of Colorful, Cut PVC Plates [VIDEOS]

The word “Katachi” translates to “shapes,” so it’s no wonder the music video is exclusively made up of, you guessed it, shapes. The song “Katachi” is by Japanese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shugo Tokumaru. With “Katachi” and all his music, Tokumaru writes the lyrics, plays and arranges all the instruments, and handles the recording and mixing.

The music video for “Katachi” features thousands of animated colorful shapes that together tell a story. The 2,000 PVC plates in the video were sliced and carved by a computer-controlled cutter. Polish director, art director and animator Kijek/Adamski came up with the concept, created the animation and directed the video.

karachi 1

karachi 2

karachi 3

karachi 4

karachi 5


Watch the making of the music video here:

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