Comedian John Oliver Helps Bill Nye the Science Guy Stand Up to Those Who Doubt His Position on Climate Change [VIDEO]

While Bill Nye the Science Guy is known for his educational television program for children, he actually holds a Bachelor of Science and has worked in the space industry. Yet, as an outspoken believer that humans are causing global warming, he takes a lot of flak. So on Last Week Tonight, host and comedian John Oliver decided to discuss the debate about climate change and stand up for Bill Nye.

Oliver shows that the media tends to represents the climate change debate as if the facts were in doubt. Have you seen that split screen pitting the scientist who believes in man-made climate change versus the skeptic? Well, Oliver holds a debate that represents the percentage of climate scientists who believe in global warming versus those who don’t. In doing so, Oliver pits Bill Nye and 96 other scientists against three skeptics, because that’s the breakdown: over 97% of scientists who’ve taken a position on global warning have come out and said it’s real and it’s caused by humans. Hopefully, this will put an end to any doubt about Nye’s scientific expertise.

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