Watch NBA Stars like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard Read Mean Tweets about Themselves [VIDEO]

In honor of the the Spurs winning the 2014 NBA Finals, Jimmy Kimmel aired an edition of “Mean Tweets” with NBA stars. Several NBA players, as well as a couple analysts and columnists, read mean tweets written about them that insult their skills, performances and appearances.

Stephen Curry, Demarcus Cousins, and many other athletes laugh the insults off. Nate Robinson even agrees with whomever tweeted that the 5’9 basketball player can’t see over anybody else in the NBA. Others make witty or sarcastic remarks and comebacks, with columnist Bill Simmons thanking his mean tweet author and Jeremy Lin pointing out his author’s spelling difficulties.

All in all, this special NBA star “Mean Tweets” is yet another humorous edition of Kimmel’s popular comedy sketch. Watch and enjoy!

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