Comedian Jack Vale Plays Practical Joke On Family and Friends With NSA Spying Prank [VIDEO]

If you weren’t already worried about the NSA spying on you, this might just make you bite your nails a bit. American comedian and prankster Jack Vale decided to raise awareness about how much power the NSA has by pranking his family and friends.

Vale and a computer wiz hacked into the webcams on computers of three friends and family and proceeded to call or text them about their whereabouts and activity. He alluded to specific behaviors, revealing that he was receiving private and privileged information and utterly freaking out his targets.

All jokes aside, Vale chose to record this video to show people how easy it can be for someone to hack into another person’s computer. In light of all the latest news about the government spying on its citizens, Vale’s prank is an effective way to inform people about computer security and online privacy.

It’s mixed bag of emotions, though, as you first laugh at the prank and then you start to fear that someone’s going to hack into your own webcam.

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