iPhone Users are Painted as Mindless Zombies in New Nokia Ad [VIDEO]

The mobile apocalypse is upon us, according to the latest advert by Nokia, portraying iPhone users as stiff, red-eyed zombies. The creatures look suspiciously like overexposed flash photos, which coincidentally after the iPhone 5 debut last year, people were complaining about a glare that appeared on pictures taken by the device’s camera. Eventually you can assume the victim in the Nokia advert falls prey to overexposure by what appears to be a walking dead Apple fanboy, mindlessly snapping photos with an iPhone 5. It looks like Microsoft isn’t the only ones taking shots at Apple these days.

When it comes to new Lumia 925 which runs on Windows 8, Nokia asks you to “Don´t flash – Amaze.”

The commercial here ends with the tagline, “The best pictures in any light. Even without the flash.”

Nokia Lumia 925
What do you think about Nokia’s zombie-filled ad?

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