An Interactive Crosswalk Sign that Dances for You While You Wait [VIDEO]

Nobody likes to wait, and that’s exactly what makes traffic lights the most dangerous spots in a city for pedestrians. So Smart, the company behind those mini-electric cars, redesigned a crosswalk sign in Lisbon in an attempt to increase safety by making the light more interactive and entertaining and, in turn, making the act of waiting more enjoyable.

To do so, Smart built a dancing booth with cameras connected to a nearby crosswalk light. The booth takes people’s real time dance moves and turns them into a pixelated ‘don’t walk’ silhouette on the crosswalk sign.

The video claims that, as a result of the dancing crosswalk, 81% more people stopped at the light instead of walking into the street before the light changed. This innovation was created for Smart’s promotional campaign on safety entitled WhatAreYouFOR.
crosswalk dancing sign

crosswalk dancing sign2

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