Ridiculously Skilled Sisters Jump Rope throughout Brazil [VIDEO]

As the World Cup draws to a close, people around the globe are honoring the tournament in their own unique ways. Although traditionally through art, design, music and photography, these two sisters decided to honor the games in a very unique and captivating way: by jump-roping.

To pay tribute to the 2014 World Cup FIFA Event, the Banhegyi sisters from Szombathely, Hungary, showcase their mind-blowing talents and incorporating two major pieces of the tournament: the location and the sport. The girls make their way through the Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo of Brazil, from the world famous Copacabana beach to stairs within the city and beyond. And throughout the video, the two athletes incorporate a soccer ball into their tricks and skills, just to drive the point home that this video is in fact dedicated to the World Cup.

The Banhegyi sisters have been jump roping for over 20 years and even performed for Cirque du Soleil for many of those years. Watch the video and see how truly and amazingly talented these two girls are when it comes to jump rope.

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