Watch This Video and a Sponsor Will Donate to Women’s Empowerment

Did you know that one out of every five people in the world lives on just $1.25 per day? Despite the fact that empowering women empowers a nation, the majority of people living in absolute poverty are still women. Many NGOs and nonprofits around the world are working to combat this by granting women access to health services, education and microfinancing, but there is still more to be done to make these programs more effective.

The IMAGINE initiative is the “missing piece in the empowerment equation.” Currently being implemented in Afghanistan, India, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, the initiative aims to empower women in developing countries though its Empowerment Workshop. The Workshop offers a four-day training program to help women understand their agency in improving their lives. Agency is the missing ingredient from the women’s empowerment struggle that allows women to believe that they have the ability to make changes in their lives. When women believe they have agency, they believe that it’s worthwhile to make an effort toward improving their health, education and finance. And empowerment stems from there.

Besides educating the world on the power of agency, this video will help the women’s empowerment movement monetarily, too. Every time this video is viewed, IMAGINE partner Josie Maran Cosmetics donates 10 cents to the cause. So watch away, and make sure to share the video with your friends!

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Women's empowerment workshop bringing agency to the world

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