IKEA Launches ‘Home for Hope’ Program To Help Homeless Pets Become Part of Families [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for a new bed or sofa, watch out because IKEA showrooms may soon feature more than just furniture. The Swedish furniture company has decided to showcase lovable, adoptable pups along with their furniture, to help families make their homes truly whole. IKEA teamed up with the Animal Lovers League Shelter and the Save Our Street Dogs shelter in the hopes of finding families for homeless dogs.

The individual stores will display life-size cardboard cutouts of actual dogs from the shelters in the furniture displays, to show just how well the pups would fit in the home. Shoppers can sign up to potentially adopt the dog right there, by simply, and cleverly, scanning the codes on each of the cardboard dogs’ collars.

The initiative is part of a collective project with IKEA and other leading home furnishing stores called Home for Hope, a program to raise awareness about and encourage adoption of homeless pets. You can find the bios and videos of the adoptable dogs on the Home for Hope website.

home for hope dog in kitchen

home for hope dog on sofa

home for hope dog on chair

home for hope dog adoption

via Inhabitat

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