Go ‘Beyond Nature’ for Unforgettable Views of Iceland [TIMELAPSE VIDEO]

Legend has it that the first settlers in Iceland were so fond of the beautiful land and relatively mild climate (compared to the rest of the region) that they wanted to keep the island all to themselves. They did a little trick to scare people away from the land: they named it Iceland while giving its (much, much colder) neighbor the inviting name of Greenland. Whether this story is true or not, we’ll never know. But one thing’s for sure: Iceland remains the most sparsely populated country in Europe.

If the secret that is Iceland hasn’t yet been let out of the bag, this stunning timelapse video by JungWon Park of Aprilgarden-Film will surely do the trick. Shot in Iceland one week in July, “Beyond Nature” will take you along the beautiful beaches and countryside of one of the least traversed countries in the world.

Still from Beyond Nature, a blue lake in Iceland

Still from Beyond Nature, ice on a beach in Iceland with pink sky

Still from Beyond Nature, beach in Iceland with a pink sky

Still from Beyond Nature, glaciers and water in Iceland

Still from Beyond Nature, a lake, mountains, and blue sky in Iceland

Find more of Aprilgarden’s films on Vimeo.

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