How To Make a Hit Pop Song Like Jason Derulo [VIDEO]

If you want to be as big a star as Jason Derulo, you should take advice from this guy. In this video, YouTube musician and comedian Brett Domino explains the different steps to making a hit pop song just like Jason Derulo.

Domino became an internet celebrity by playing original songs, covers and other medleys on obscure instruments. Here, he gives us four simple steps to make a pop song:

    1) Create a simple but memorable instrumental hook.
    2) Find a short, sexy vocal hook that can be repeated throughout the song.
    3) Invent some sexy lyrics that are relevant to the vocal hook. (Here, to really guarantee the next Billboard topper, Domino suggests keeping the subject matter broad so it can appeal to the masses.)
    4) Put it all together.

It’s pretty much that easy, though it helps to “sprinkle some magic production dust over it,” Domino says. Add bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals and other effects, and then you have your final product, which is almost certainly a masterpiece pop song on its way to becoming a big radio hit.

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