An Alternate Ending to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ You Might Actually Like

Monday, March 31 marked the end of a nine-year era of following the How I Met Your Mother gang through comical adventures and humorous moments. In the series finale, after years of explaining his dating mishaps, we finally see exactly how Ted met the mother. But the last episode left an unsatisfying ache in the hearts of HIMYM followers everywhere, as its bittersweet ending involved a couple twists some just couldn’t quite get over.

Fortunately for those who were dissatisfied with the finale, HIMYM fan Ricardo J. Dylan created an alternate ending that better aligns with what people expected (and perhaps deserved).

Dylan says that the finale was great until the final two minutes when creators and writers of the show Carter Bays and Craig Thomas “took the freedom to destroy years of character development and history” and ruined the HIMYM story. So Dylan created his own version of the finale to give HIMYM fans the happy ending moment they wanted.

While Dylan’s happier, alternative ending makes us feel good, it’s hard not to give the creators some credit for the deeper and darker themes they touched upon in the real finale, an ending Bays and Thomas claim was decided from the beginning of the show.
Which HIMYM ending do you prefer?

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