An Honest Trailer for ‘Maleficent,’ Disney’s Dark Take on Sleeping Beauty [VIDEO]

Disney’s movie Maleficent tells the untold story of the villain of the 1959 Sleeping Beauty. While the original animated movie is a classic, many critics felt the live-action retelling fell far short. Now, echoing the criticism, movie and television parody company Screen Junkies created an honest trailer for Maleficent, highlighting many of the elements that turned moviegoers off.

Screen Junkies pokes fun at villain Angelina Jolie for her abnormally large and pointy cheekbones, her character’s failure to become a dragon, and her stalker tendencies vis-à-vis Sleeping Beauty. Overall, this humorous video, committed to telling the truth, describes the Disney film as one that “will ruin everything you love about another childhood classic.”

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