Hilary Duff Debuts New Single ‘Chasing The Sun’ [VIDEO]

Hilary Duff from the Disney Channel is back, but she’s not a child-star anymore. Now 26 years old with a two-year-old son, Duff has a studio album in the pipeline, her first in seven years.

The first single off the album, a song entitled “Chasing the Sun,” reveals a new Duff, more mature, sophisticated, and sexy, singing with a softer acoustic sound and a mid-tempo guitar. Written by Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, and Toby Gad, “Chasing the Sun” is a fun and lighthearted listen, with optimistic lyrics that still maintain the essence of Duff.

Duff premiered a remixed version of “Chasing the Sun” at New York City’s Marquee nightclub on Thursday, July 24. After Perez Hilton introduced the singer, Duff elaborated on her return to the world of music:

I’ve been in the studio since September and it’s been amazing… I really felt like it was time for me [to make new music]. I had so much to say, I’ve been through so much — good and bad. I sound different and I feel different and I think it was time to share who I am now.

With “Chasing the Sun” as a preview, it sounds like the album won’t disappoint.

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