Hidden Geometric Designs Slowly Revealed When You Shave Away Layers of This Chocolate Cylinder [VIDEO]

Do you love chocolate? If so, this giant chocolate cylinder might look like your dream come true. But you’re likely to object (vehemently, perhaps) to the chocolate’s fate in this video. Inside this giant chocolate cylinder are hidden geometric patterns that are slowly revealed as layers of the chocolate are shaved away.

The cylinder was created as a work of art by five of the most innovative designers from the Netherlands. Germany’s Vitra Design Museum invited these designers to join a partner from the area in developing a project. They launched the initiative to honor major Dutch architect and furniture designer Gerrit Rietveld. This piece, entitled Chocolate Mill, was created by Studio Wieki Somers, who teamed up with chocolatier Rafael Mutter.

To a chocolate lover, it might seem like this delectable cylinder is going to waste. But for design fans, there might be no better way to use chocolate than to turn it into beautiful art.

chocolate mill 1

chocolate mill 2

chocolate mill 3

chocolate mill 4

chocolate mill

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