How Old Are Your Ears? Take This Hearing Test to Find Out [VIDEO]

How Old Are Your Ears- (Hearing Test) - YouTubeHow well can you hear? Unfortunately as we grow older we often lose the ability to hear the extreme ends of the hearing spectrum.

Inside our ears are thousands of tiny nerve cells called hair cells, which are responsible for picking up different frequencies of sounds and sending the information to our brains for processing. As we age, continued exposure to noise can break, bend, and destroy these cells. Unlike other organs, our inner ears cannot regenerate once they are destroyed.

It turns out the outer cells are the first to encounter high frequency waves, meaning these cells experience more stress and tend to degenerate faster. This is why the older you are the more difficult in can be to hear high pitches. Say what?

Try the AsapScience test out for yourself.

Can you hear 8,000 Hz? Congratulations! You are both alive and not hearing impaired! Now, what about a higher frequency like 12,000 Hz or 20,000 Hz?

If you can hear every signal you are likely under 20 years old, were rarely screamed at by your parents, or have probably never been to a rock concert!

How old are your ears?

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Richard Arblaster
Hmm I must be unique then I could hear the 18,000hz sound, stood next to really loud speakers and I'm 39 :)
Patricia Weber
What? All I hear is clicks of some sort, all the frequencies. Is that right? I have no idea what to do about 1080p. Guess I'll tweet question to these guys.
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