Groupon Makes Big Return to TV With First Commercial Since 2011

Groupon has dropped off the TV advertising scene for three years, but the coupon website is back and doing it big with a commercial promoting its new and improved site. The commercial will run for seven weeks in only six cities: Atlanta, Buffalo, Detroit, Minneapolis, Nashville and San Francisco.

In its new commercial, Groupon has turned to humor to highlight its improved website and new focus. Groupon, long viewed as a company that emails daily deals, now plans to serve as an online marketplace. The commercial touts Groupon as a searchable site where customers can take-control of their preferences and seek out deals they will love.

groupon search

The site’s mobile app is also featured throughout the commercial as an easy way to search for deals. Those deals might include coupons for restaurants and retail stores, discounts on local activities like rock climbing and yoga, or deals on even bigger adventures like race car driving and plane flying lessons.

Not since its disastrous attempt at a Super Bowl ad in 2011 has Groupon aired a commercial in the U.S. Those first ads were seen as distasteful, with actor Timothy Hutton discussing Tibetan conflicts and then switching gears to using a Groupon to eat Tibetan food. Groupon, which has also had to cut its marketing budget in recent years, has since learned its lesson and greatly improved its advertising game.

Commercials start April 7, so be on the lookout if they run in your city.

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Via Ad Age

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