Watch Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer Video

Grand Theft Auto V- The Official Trailer

Are you a fan of Grand Theft Auto? If so, meet Los Santos: a sprawling, sun-soaked metropolis set as the stage for the new Grand Theft Auto V game. There you’ll find what was once the envy of the Western World, now full of self-help gurus, bad salesman, fading starlets being chased by paparazzi, and cheap reality TV shows: aka you’ll be in Hollywood.

Amid the turmoil, Grand Theft Auto V features three criminals looking to plot their way to survival and success. What looks like a game at first actually appears to be “legit business.”

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

The new Grand Theft Auto V comes out on September 17 for Xbox and Playstation. In the meantime you can visit Los Santos here:

Los Santos

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