Watch This GoPro Camera Go Head-to-Head With a Leopard and Her Cub

We all know how curious cats can be, but when the big, wild cats act out, there’s going to be a little more damage. In this case, a GoPro camera stared a leopard in the eyes and down the mouth as she and her 10-month-old cub scoped out the device.

A 26-year-old ranger at the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa, Roan Ravenhill left the camera on a wooden post in the wild to capture footage of animals without humans around. To his delight, two leopards, which are members of an elusive, near-threatened species, stumbled upon his gadget.

Leopards are known to be one of the most private big cat species on the planet. Luckily, Ravenhill’s GoPro was able to take us head-to-head, or head-to-mouth, with the beautiful animals and capture a glimpse into their lives as they investigated and played with the unfamiliar object.

This is not the first wild adventure the GoPro camera has experienced. The rugged camera is often used to capture wildlife footage that humans cannot capture because of their intrusive presence.

Ryan Biddulph
Mikaela, so incredibly cool, and even more cool, is the fact a rare and endangered creature like a leopard took interest in this little camera. Beautiful scenery, great branding and yep, awesome video and post ;) I'm sharing this on kingged.(dot)com too to drive a ton more traffic here. Thanks for sharing!
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