Watch These Robbers Get What They Deserve after Being Caught in the Act by a GoPro Camera [VIDEO]

From bike stunts to leopard battles to giraffe stompings to 360-degree panoramas, we’ve covered many wild things caught on film by GoPro cameras. I think today’s video, though, leaves other GoPro films in the dust in terms of capturing the unexpected.

Malcolm Fox was about to finish his mountain biking session in the Western Cape of South Africa when three men ambushed him and robbed him of his bike, phone, car keys and Oakleys at gunpoint. Little did the robbers know they were being filmed by Fox’s GoPro camera, conveniently attached to his helmet. If you watch the video, you can even see Suspect #1 stare quizzically into the GoPro camera, perhaps wondering if it’s some sort of flashlight!

Fox escaped the scene and handed the video over to police investigators, who quickly identified and arrested the three suspects involved.

While Fox’s cellphone has been recovered, the location of the mountain bike is still a mystery according to the Citizen.

Even though Fox’s bike hasn’t been recovered yet, it’s still satisfying to see wrongdoers get caught. Maybe nice guys don’t always finish last!

GoPro mountain bike robber

via Reddit

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