7 Google Search Secrets You Need to Know [VIDEO]

Have you ever been desperate to find a celebrity’s degree of separation from Kevin Bacon? You use Google Search the same old way every day, but there are a few crazy little secrets that could make your experience that much better. Like have you ever dreamed about breaking out your old Atari video games again? There are all kinds of fun things you can do with Google Search, like walking around the Custom Street View map in Legoland, California as a LEGO character or exploring the Kennedy Space Center as an astronaut.

You can even ask Google to “do a barrel roll” and it will comply; just don’t try and get cute by demanding an “anagram” unless you don’t mind Google playing around with your words instead!

1 Atari Breakout

atari breakout

2 Google in 1998

google in 1998

3 Do a Barrel Roll

do a barrel roll

4 Celebrity Name + Bacon Number

kevin bacon number search

5 Custom Street View

custom street view - legoman

6 Anagram


7 Zerg Rush

zerg rush

happy googleing

Video by BuzzFeed

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