What if Google Was (Still) a Guy? [VIDEO]

College Humor brings Google back to life with a satirical video about Google search as a guy. The video is a hilariously accurate, life-form depiction of Google search, poking fun at people’s strange Google search behavior and habits. It showcases the ridiculousness of our searches and how we ask questions in “haiku” form, like “avocado pit huge why?” and “can sue for screen door injured?” Beyond ridiculing us for turning to Google for answers, proper pronunciation and settling debates, the video mocks us for our typos and mistakes like confusing Washington State with Washington, D.C. The video also properly portrays Google autocomplete, putting a funny twist on the often (but not always) helpful Google function. The video also playfully mocks the way Google honors famous people on its homepage, all while the NSA looks on. Finally, the video concludes with a quick zinger about Bing, their lack of users and Google Search’s superiority.

This is College Humor’s second video of this sort, created after its popular first video about Google as a real person. See “If Google Was A Guy (Part 1),” click here.

What if Google Was a Guy  Part 2a

What if Google Was a Guy  Part 2c

What if Google Was a Guy  Part 2b

Video by College Humor

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