Meet the New Gmail: Clutter No More [VIDEO]

Every day we receive what seems like an endless list of unsorted email, some urgent, some not. Between updates for work, promotions from brands we follow, newsletters, messages from friends, and more, by the end of each day our inboxes become cluttered lists that take much time and care to sort through. Today Google announced a big change to Gmail for desktop and mobile that will make keeping up with your email easier.

Coming soon, Gmail will sort your messages into four categories that will appear as different customizable tabs: primary, social, promotions, and updates. On your desktop you’ll be able to navigate between tabs across the top of your inbox and drag and drop emails between categories. You can choose which categories to display as well as set Gmail to filter certain senders into their appropriate tabs.

Let’s Meet the Categories

Gmail Tabs on Desktop

Primary Mail

Primary mail is everything you want to see at first glance when you open Gmail. Whether you’re looking for an email from a co-worker or a message from a new friend, Gmail will automatically filter these messages to appear here.


The social tab separates messages from your social networks into its own nest. Here you can find your latest Facebook notifications and Google+ invites all in one place. You can even respond to Google+ notifications within Gmail!

Promotions and offers

Promotions and offers will sort promotions from services like Google Offers and Groupon into one organized location. I think this will come in handy whenever I’m looking for a spa discount or a half-off coupon for lunch.

Updates, Bills, and Receipts

The updates tab will feature receipts from online orders, shipment status notifications, and more. For the first time, all your serious mail will not get lost among your vacation plans, chain emails and, well, everything else.

Category Tabs on Mobile

new gmail for mobileGmail’s new category tabs will work just as efficiently on mobile. When you open the Gmail app on your mobile device, your primary inbox will appear along with access to other tabs.

If you don’t feel that Gmail’s new categories work for you, you can always switch back to the classic view or to any other inbox type you like. For me, as I run a hyper-organized Gmail inbox complete with dozens of labels and an archiving process I swear by, Gmail’s new categories are the feature I’ve been waiting for for what feels like my entire life. I just wish Gmail would allow me to customize the categories themselves but hey, this is a start.

Do you think you’ll be using Gmail’s new categories or do you see yourself switching back to the classic inbox?

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