Watch This Inspiring Girl Use 100 Days of Push-Ups to Gain New Self-Confidence [VIDEO]

Estella Gong always felt self-conscious about her body. Because of her thin build she was often called “scrawny.” One day, she decided to do something to change her self image.

Gong took on a Giveit100 challenge to learn to do advanced push-ups, which meant that every day for 100 days Gong would film herself practicing new push-ups.

At the start of her challenge, Gong wrote:

I still remember the days when I couldn’t do a single regular push-up. It seemed like I was “planking” on the floor for the longest time, all the time. One day I felt the satisfaction of finally being able to push my body off the ground and eventually was able to do a push up.

But quickly, through perseverance, Gong was able to complete elevated push-ups, clapping push-ups and more.

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Estella!

Estella Gong does push-ups on give it 100

GIF by Huffington Post

Izyan Al-Qadri
Woah. You have high motivation! Me,on the other hand need a trainer...!
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