Here’s Everything You Hate about Advertising in One Video

Did you ever notice that advertisers use a lot of generic words and imagery to make you jump on a brand’s bandwagon? There’s footage of the blue collar worker which symbolizes that a product is “Made in America,” though it’s probably made overseas. Then there’s imagery of rushing water and trees to encourage viewers to associate a particular brand with environmentalism regardless of whether or not the brand actually employs green manufacturing practices or recycling programs. Passing out canned goods symbolizes volunteerism while footage of a city at night says that the company excels in today’s high-speed, efficient economy. The list goes on.

This is the gist of a poem entitled “This Is a Generic Brand Video” published by Kendra Eash in McSweeney’s. To help people visualize exactly what Eash is talking about, stock footage site Dissolve created this video using Eash’s piece as a script. The video is made entirely with Dissolve’s own stock footage to demonstrate just how easy it is for advertisers to get their hands on generic video clips:

people partying in a generic brand video screencap

Be careful the next time you fall for a brand video!

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