How the Selfies of the Future Could Help Save Your Life (among Other Things) [VIDEO]

Today we take selfies to record memories, show off our cute outfits and even to make our Facebook friends jealous. But will selfies ever be used for reasons less vain?

According to this video by Forbes, absolutely yes. The selfies of the future can help doctors like dermatologists and ophthalmologists diagnose illnesses in patients. In the future people will also be able to use their smartphone to measure their cholesterol level or swallow a PillCam for a minimally invasive endoscopy.

at the dermatologist

taking a selfie for the ophthalmologist

Non-medical companies, too, are taking selfies to a whole new level. Tag a selfie with #nextootd (“next outfit of the day”), and Zappos will suggest an outfit based on your style. Snap a selfie to use as your boarding pass with Ticketleap.

using a selfie ticket to board a plane

How else do you think we’ll use selfies in the coming years?

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