Have You Ever Seen a More Entertaining Mother-Son Wedding Dance? [VIDEO]

While most weddings feature mothers and sons sharing a sweet and loving dance, this dynamic duo decided to change it up. The groom and his mom surprise the guests by interrupting their slow-dance song with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and recreating the song’s dance moves.

They continue the fun with a range of different musical genres and styles, from classic songs like “Twist and Shout” to contemporary pop ones like ‘N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “Gangnam Style” by PSY. They even used modern hip-hop/rap songs the “Nae Nae” by WeAreToonz and “Crank That” by Soulja Boy, making for such a hilarious dance that even the bride couldn’t keep it together, as she laughs hysterically in the background.

The video was originally uploaded in March and has resurfaced the internet in a Reddit post from Monday. But it’s never too late to watch as this pair shares in a special mother-son dance, all while turning up the party and dancing their way through decades of music.

via Huffington Post

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