This Flight Attendant Gives Passengers a Really Good Laugh before Takeoff

The hassle of traveling by plane always comes with long lines at security, stuffy airplanes and routine – and usually monotonous – safety instructions. To add a little humor to passengers’ travels, this Southwest flight attendant spiced up her takeoff speech with some witty remarks.

She jokingly refers to garbage left over from previous flights in seat-back pockets as “gifts” for the passengers and the plane’s life jackets as “teenie weenie yellow Southwest bikinis.” She reminds passengers to put their carry-on bags under the seats in front of them, leaving no room for their legs, and that theirs is a “no smoking, no whining or complaining flight.” Always compliment the flight attendants on how good-looking they are, do whatever they say and all will go smoothly, the attendant says.

It’s safe to say that whether the passengers had a good or bad flight, they thoroughly enjoyed the safety instructions given by this humorous flight attendant.

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