Film Photography, as Explained to Modern Kids

Oh, how times have changed. Before Instagram let us take retro-style photographs instantly on our smartphones, we used to take photographs with a little thing called film. With film our pictures turned out grainy and off-color not because that was the hip thing to do, but because that’s just how film worked. Back in the day photos weren’t available instantly on electronic screens – rather, the photos didn’t come to life until they were “developed.” Photos were precious: we could only afford to press our shutter buttons a few times before we ran out of film and had to splurge on another few rolls. And there was no Facebook or Google+ to share our photos. Instead, we snail mailed doubles to friends and family and stored our favorites in photo albums (these are actual, physical books that are collecting dust in our attics right now – just ask your parents).

boxes of film

Image by get directly down
via Laughing Squid

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