‘FAKARAVA’: an Underwater Utopia of Sea Creatures and Sharks by the Hundreds [VIDEO]

“In the Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia, there lies a remote atoll called Fakarava, where dreams of undersea utopia are still a reality,” writes underwater photographer Sarosh Jacob.

Jacob is a New York City-based photographer and videographer who specializes in underwater environments and adventure travel. In his video “Fakarava,” he captures stunning footage of countless sharks and fish as they glide over miles of coral reef. Jacob’s love for our planet’s oceans and his passion for documenting its beauty motivate him to spread awareness about the environment and promote its conservation. As he explains on the video’s Vimeo page:

[Fakarava is] a beautiful place where hundreds upon hundreds of sharks gather in peaceful harmony and divers ride the currents across endless expanses of coral. I hope this film reminds people of the magnificent beauty within our ocean and the importance of protecting it.

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