New Facebook ‘Life Filters’ Offer a Cure for Social Media Fatigue [VIDEO]

Facebook fatigue is a serious condition that afflicts 1 billion people worldwide, causing them to hate all of their friends on Facebook. With their News Feeds full of baby pics and proof that people they hate are winning at life (while they’re failing miserably), the Facebook fatigued can do nothing but scream in agony.

Are you afflicted with Facebook fatigue? Try Facebook’s new life filters, and your News Feed will only show you things you want to see. Replace images of old “friends” from high school with pictures of cuddly cats, and swap long, wordy updates for Instagram photos – no reading required! But don’t think for one minute that Facebook isn’t analyzing your preferred filters to serve you even more relevant ads!

Facebook life filter for babies

Facebook life filter for wordy posts

Facebook life filter for politics

Which Facebook life filters would you apply?

Video by Comediva
via Elite Daily

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