Eminem Releases ‘Headlights’ Video: A Mother’s Day Tribute

Eminem rose to hip hop stardom despite a rough childhood he’s self-documented through his music. In 2009, he famously “cleaned out his closet,” publicly airing out all the gritty details of the relationship with his estranged mother and the abuse and neglect he perceived as a child. Now that he’s an adult and a parent himself, though, he appears to be acknowledging how difficult it can be to raise kids as a single parent with little financial support.

Today, for Mother’s Day, Eminem released a video, directed by Spike Lee, as a tribute and apology to his mother in hopes of one day mending that relationship. The song, called “Headlights,” expresses the sadness Eminem felt seeing his mother drive away after they briefly crossed paths for the first time in many years and his kids finally met their grandmother. He regrets not thanking her for being both his “mom and dad,” albeit through some difficult times.

Is there anything you really want, if possible, to tell your mother today?

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