The World Cup Is So Exciting Even Elephants Want in on the Action [VIDEO]

With all the hype around the World Cup, we’re forgetting that it’s not just humans who enjoy the games. These baby elephants, housed at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) orphanage at Tsavo National Park in Kenya, are having some fun with a soccer ball too.

The DSWT is a nonprofit organization based in Kenya that is dedicated to the protection of wild animals, and conservation of their habitats. The organization rescues babies whose mothers are victims of poaching, and then raises the orphans into adulthood. The most successful elephant and rhino orphanage in the world is run under the DSWT.

According to National Geographic, elephants often engage in the kind of play seen in the video, kicking a ball and passing it from trunk to trunk. Co-director of the elephant advocacy organization Elephant Voices Joyce Poole states

Elephants naturally kick things about…When they’re out in the bush, they’ll pick things up, like sticks or rocks, and kick things. They do a lot with their feet and trunks. One time we were out recording and photographing, and my husband had used a seat cushion to rest the camera on. It fell out of the window, and this elephant found it and proceeded to throw it in the air and kick it with his back legs. They particularly like to use their back feet. It’s called play kick-back.

World Cup Elephants

Are these elephants good enough to make it to the World Cup?

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