Electric Objects: Bringing Art From the Internet Into Your Home

There’s more art on the internet than in all the galleries and museums on earth. That fact is exactly what motivated the creators of Electric Objects, a framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that brings online art into your home.

Electric Objects or EO1 is a computer developed to give you access to the web’s nearly infinite store of art and design images. Displayed like a photograph or painting, the device can be wall-mounted or used with a stand.

The web and mobile applications for EO1 make it easy to discover, share and display stunning artwork from the internet or your own original artwork. Changing the art on display can also be done directly from your iOS or Android phone. As stated on the EO1 Kickstarter campaign:

Over the past 20 years a new generation of artists and technologists have engaged with the internet as a medium for creative expression, creating visual work that pushes the edge of culture and technology….But many of these beautiful objects are trapped. They’re trapped inside of devices like our phones, our tablets, our TVs, our laptops — devices designed for distraction, living between texts, tweets, football games and emails from work. So we wanted to make a new way to bring art from the internet into your home.

Not only is it easy to find new art from diverse communities of artists, designers and photographers, but EO1 is also working with museums, libraries and other institutions to give you more access to artwork around the world. Electric Objects hopes to bring the beauty of the internet into your home and give you the chance to fully enjoy it.

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