Watch These Funny Reactions From Elderly People as They Play with Google Glass [VIDEO]

While the younger generation doesn’t understand how to use old technology, the older generation doesn’t know how to use new technology. Fine Brothers Entertainment likes to take advantage of this fact with its short video sketches that expose people to technology they don’t understand.

Known for its popular and humorous show Kids React, Fine Brothers Entertainment started filming a new show a month ago called Elders React. In the new show, rather than introducing kids to old technology from before their time, elderly folk are given new technology to play with.

In this episode, elderly people are given Google Glass. After figuring out how to put the device on in the first place, the Glass wearers complete various tasks like taking pictures, recording videos, sending emails, placing calls and asking Google questions. Both endearing and hilarious, the reactions of the seniors in the video are priceless.

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