Nothing Like Cooking Eggs and Bacon on Pavement to Get People Thinking about Climate Change [VIDEO]

Would you like a side of bacon with your eggs? The World Wildlife Fund thinks you should, but only if you cook them directly on the pavement. To raise awareness for climate change, the WWF posted a video of a chef cooking eggs and bacon on the asphalt ground in Paraguay, whose capital was recently named one of the hottest cities in the world.

Beyond the extreme heat reaching temperatures as high as 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit, 80% of Paraguay’s forests have been destroyed in the last 50 years. Deforestation, in turn, causes more heat, triggering a vicious cycle.

The people of Paraguay seemed unfazed by the exceptionally hot weather and overall relentless rise in temperatures. So the WWF decided to do something about it: they cooked meals on the hot pavement of Asunción and served the meals to eaters scorching in the sun.

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